Monthly Favorites: March


March has been an interesting month, hasn’t it? Between work, school and domestic responsibilities I’ve had little time to relax. But I did manage to squeeze some new loves into my life this month.


1. Soy Candles from this Etsy shop. I’ve had my eye on these bad boys for some time now and I decided to cave and snag a few. Who can resist yummy smells with a geeky theme? I opted for the 4 pack sampler to test out the scents. After analyzing each scent description, I settled on:

Hobbiton (Fresh and floral)
221B Baker Street (Sweet with a hint of leather)
Reading Nook (Sweet, old books)
Nevermore (musky).

I have already ordered full size version of my favorites. I highly recommend Reading Nook!


2. Air Plants. I just bought a new batch and they are SO easy to maintain (not to mention pretty cool to look at). The great thing about air plants is how little they require. Water them once  week, very little sunlight and not much attention needed. Weekly I give my collection a 20 minute soak then I set them on parchment paper for a few hours. Once they’re dry they get tossed in the various vases and containers I have around my house.


3. The Kindle case I bought here. I’m going to be really honest – I bought this case because it reminded me of the door to Bag End.


4. Blind Bags and Mystery Boxes. I bought quite a few of these (plus a few Funkos) this week when I made a completely unneeded trip to Toys R Us. I’d say that I have a borderline addiction to surprise toys. If you want details about what was inside them, let me know in the Comments!


5. Stationery from this Etsy Shop. I love to penpal (forgive me if you are waiting on something from me) and I LOVE STATIONERY. Randomly searching around brought me to this lovely Etsy shot and I wasn’t disappointed with the product I received.

That’s it for me! What are you guys loving this month?

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6 Shows I Need Back on My Screen


You know that feeling when you finish a 10-episode series that has you petting the screen and singing “Baby Come Back”? I know that feeling all too well. If you’ve read my other Netflix Watch List posts, you know I’m more into television shows than movies.”Mini” shows, especially Netflix Originals, have really changed the game for television and I’m eating them up like candy. I blame Game of Thrones, it was definitely my gateway drug.  I thought I would share a list of the shows that have me anxious for their return.

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Unboxing: Fandom of the Month Club


A little over a week ago I received my February box from Fandom of the Month Club!This month’s fandom was Alice in Wonderland. I’ve been a FOTM subscriber for nearly a year now and I’ve yet to be disappointed in my monthly selection. This month was no exception. Yes, that rhymed.

The box contained:

  • Teacup ring
  • “We’re All Mad Here” stud earrings
  • White Rabbit bracelet cuff
  • Wonderland charm necklace

Each month the box contains 4 or 5 jewelry items from a different fandom. There have been repeats since I’ve subscribed – I’ve had more than 1 Harry Potter box. That kind of that doesn’t put me off of a subscription, because the pieces are never repeated. Some of the fandoms covered in 2015 were Divergent, Doctor Who, Percy Jackson, Hunger Games, LOTR/Hobbit.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to wear their geek on their sleeves (or in this case necks/fingers/etc) this box is a pretty good option. A monthly subscription is only $13 plus shipping and the jewelry is good quality. I’ve only had one broken piece and that was probably due to the fact that the post office beat the box to crap prior to delivery. PLUS you get a sweet, artsy magnet with each box. My fridge is a mosaic of fandom.

Below are some of my favorite pieces that I received last year.


  1. One Ring bracelet
  2. Pegasus necklace
  3. Horcrux charm bracelet
  4. Real/Not Real wrap ring
  5. Harry Potter bookmark

What do you think? Any favorite pieces? What other subscription boxes do you have? If you do/don’t want to continue seeing these unboxings, let me know!

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Tea is at Four


Not a sponsored post – I bought the tea myself
I don’t know about you, but I use Tumblr to browse the most random stuff. Some odd weeks ago I was skimming through the Adagio Teas tag, as you do. and stumbled on the Hobbit inspired collection. I’ve always wanted to try Adagio Teas, and I knew about fandom teas but I had never dedicated any time to research before. Tea inspired by my FAVORITE FANDOM EVER?

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